Olympus OM-2N
Olympus OM-2N
Olympus OM-2N
Olympus OM-2N
Olympus OM-2N
Olympus OM-2N
Olympus OM-2N

Olympus OM-2N

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The Olympus OM-2N is a 35mm single-lens reflex film camera!

The camera is an aperture-priority automatic-exposure camera (with full manual operation selected via switch), based on the earlier, successful Olympus OM-1 body. The OM-2 was introduced in 1975, and combined the light, sturdy camera body style of the manual-only OM-1 with a new automatic exposure system.

The OM-2n MD, manufactured from 1979 to 1984, has a lower-case "n" engraved next to the model number on the front plate at the rewind lever and on the top plate, to the left of the prism. Additionally, the re-set function was moved to the top of the camera via the power-switch and the word "Reset" is engraved next to the word "Check" on the top plate of the camera.

The "n" model had a new, re-contoured advance lever which had smoother, rounded edges as opposed to the OM-2

Lens mount - Olympus OM
Focus - Manual
Exposure - 1/1000 ~ 1 s, bulb (B), aperture priority (Av)
Exposure metering - Off-the-film (OTF) TTL
Flash - Hot shoe, PC socket

~Perfect for a beginner through to professionals!

Overall condition - Excellent condition, very little wear 9/10

Example photos can be found here https://www.lomography.com/cameras/3316065-olympus-om2n/photos

Manual can be found here - http://www.arransalerno.com/other/om2n.pdf

This camera has been cleaned, mechanically tested and is in full working condition. Light seals are replaced when necessary.

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