Canon EOS 700
Canon EOS 700
Canon EOS 700
Canon EOS 700
Canon EOS 700

Canon EOS 700

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Canon EOS 700 equipped with Canon Zoom EF 35-80mm f/4-5.6 lens. The camera also comes with Canon original strap!

The EOS 700 is an autofocus 35mm film SLR camera released in 1990 by Canon. This camera mostly replaced the short-lived Canon EOS 750 / 850 in the lineup. The shutter is an electronically controlled metal focal plane with a range of 1/4 to 1/2000. In bulb mode, an aperture is set at f/5.6. The X-sync is 1/125 of a sec.

The built-in TTL flash is the variety that can automatically pop up when the meter senses there is not enough light. It also retracts automatically. Fill flash can work up to 2m (6.6 ft). An AF assist light is also present to aid in focusing in low light conditions with a length of 1 to 4m (3.3 to 13 ft).

The film transport is electronic with a speed of approx 1.2 fps. Upon initial film loading. It automatically winds the film to the end of the roll. After exposure, it moves the exposed frames into the film canister reducing the risk of accidental light exposure with an open back. Because of this feature and different lengths of film, the number of exposures on the frame counter is counted down instead of up.

~Perfect for a beginner through to professionals!

Overall condition - Excellent condition 9/10

~Example photos can be found here

~Film for this camera can be found here

This camera has been cleaned, mechanically tested and is in full working condition. Light seals are replaced when necessary.

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