Kodak Ektachrome100D Super 8 Film - PRE ORDER

Kodak Ektachrome100D Super 8 Film - PRE ORDER

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PRE ORDER - Due in the country latest by the 10/12 - all orders will be shipped out as soon as the film arrives in store!

Super 8 Kodak Ektachrome100D Color Reversal Film.

100D offers moderately enhanced color saturation while maintaining a neutral gray scale and accurate skin tone reproduction. It has exceptional sharpness with excellent grain performance. It offers strong reciprocity, uniformity, and keeping stability. Excellent for advertising, nature cinematography, documentaries, and music films. It can be scanned or projected.Product Highlights.

Product Highlights

  • Uniform Color Reproduction
  • Excellent Reciprocity Factor
  • Excellent Storage Stability
  • Use for daylight filming although you can use it with tungsten if properly filtered
  • Neutral gray scale
  • Very good with skin tones

Shipping is $4.50 tracked NZ wide for as many rolls as you like!