Polaroid One600
Polaroid One600
Polaroid One600
Polaroid One600
Polaroid One600

Polaroid One600

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The final evolution of the 600 series from the original Polaroid Corp. These models (from around 2001) were very sleek. Most common are the Polaroid One and One600 Classic in two tone silver/blue with an orange button.

  • (Wide) 100mm lens with minimum focus distance of 3 feet.
  • Fixed focus.
  • "Aerodynamic" styling (particularly when folded) with downward curve at back.
  • Flash moved to right hand side of user and can be manually switched on and off.
  • Hand grip on right.
  • LCD frame counter.
  • Self-timer.

The OneStep uses Polaroid 600 film

Each pack of film is integrated with it's own battery which powers the camera. The Impossible Project manufactures film for these cameras since Polaroid no longer does.

Perfect for a beginner!

Overall condition- Excellent

Example photos can be found here-https://www.lomography.com/cameras/3338101-polaroid-one-600/photos

This camera has been mechanically tested and is in full working condition. We offer NZ and world wide shipping along with pick up option in our physical store.

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