Ricoh S-30
Ricoh S-30
Ricoh S-30
Ricoh S-30
Ricoh S-30
Ricoh S-30

Ricoh S-30

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Ricoh S-30 with original case and a strap!

The Ricoh S-30 is an autofocus point-and-shoot camera for 35mm film, introduced by Japanese manufacturer Ricoh in 1989. It is also known as the Shotmaster AF in the United States.


  • Camera Type: 35mm film lens shutter camera
  • Lens: Ricoh Lens 35mm f/3.9, 3 elements in 3 groups
  • Focus: Single-point active autofocusing system, 3 focusing zones
  • Focusing Range: 1.0 m - infinity
  • Shutter: mechanical, 1/125 sec. (fixed speed)
  • Viewfinder: Reverse Galilean type, 0.53X, field of view 84%
  • Exposure Control: F8 (ISO 100 / 200), F16 (ISO 400), F22 (ISO 1000)
  • Film Speed Range: ISO 100 - 400 (DX-code system)[1], ISO 1000 (manual)
  • Built-in Flash: activates by sliding flash switch, F4 (ISO 100 / 200), F8 (ISO 400), F11 (ISO 1000)
  • Flash Range: 1 m ~ approx. 3.6 m
  • Other Features: low-light warning LED, automatic film loading, automatic film advance, automatic film rewind with mid-roll rewind facility
  • Power Source: one 3V Lithium battery (CR-123A) or two AA-type Batteries (alkaline or manganese)
  • Dimensions: 132 mm X 68 mm X 53 mm
  • Weight: 230 g (without battery)

~Perfect for a beginner through to professionals!

Overall condition - Great condition 8.5/10

~Example photos can be found here

~Camera manual can be found here

~Film for this camera can be found here

This camera has been cleaned, mechanically tested and is in full working condition. Light seals are replaced when necessary.

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