Seagull DF-300X
Seagull DF-300X
Seagull DF-300X
Seagull DF-300X
Seagull DF-300X
Seagull DF-300X

Seagull DF-300X

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Seagull DF-300X with a 28mm f:2.8 lens equipped!

The Seagull DF-300 is a SLR camera body with Minolta SR-bayonet mount. It can be used with most of the lenses which are made for Minolta's manual focus SLRs. On the back it is marked "Shanghai China, licensed by Minolta". It's a licensed copy of Minolta's X-300 which was produced in the same Shanghai General Camera Factory.

It was released in three different versions. The basic black and silver version, an all black-bodied version and a limited edition named "Seagull DF-300x," of which only 1000 were made to commemorate Hong Kong's return to China in 1997. Each set was comprised of a camera body and lens with matching serial numbers, with "Commemorating Return of Hong Kong" on both camera body and lens being written in Chinese.


  • Type: SLR body
  • Manufacturer: Seagull
  • Film: 35mm
  • Lens mount: Minolta SR-bayonet with aperture release tappet for Minolta MC and MD lenses
  • Shutter: quartz-controlled focal plane shutter, speeds 4 sec. to 1/1000 sec. (auto), 1 sec. to 1/1000 sec. (manual)
  • Viewfinder: pentaprism finder, screen with micro-prism and split image for distance setting
  • Metering: integral center-weighted measuring with photo diode
  • Exposure: manual setting, or shutter speed automatically controlled by meter (EV 1 to 18, with LED speed scale in viewfinder)
  • Self-timer: Electronic timer with red LED signal


~Perfect for a beginner through to professionals!

Overall condition - Excellent condition - 9/10

Example photos can be found here.

Film for this camera can be found here.

This camera has been cleaned, mechanically tested and is in full working condition. Light seals are replaced when necessary.

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