Minox 35 PL
Minox 35 PL
Minox 35 PL
Minox 35 PL
Minox 35 PL
Minox 35 PL

Minox 35 PL

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Minox 35 PL with Minox case!

The Minox 35 PL continued Minox's successful range of 35mm compact cameras, reputedly the smallest full-frame 35mm cameras ever made. The lens retracts into the camera body when closed, and fully opening the cover activates the battery. Different models in the Minox 35 range were identified by shutter release buttons in differing colours: the PL is easily identified by its green shutter release button.

The PL's novel feature was its automatic exposure, using the 'A" setting on the aperture ring. Previous Minox 35 models had aperture priority exposure, the PL's aperture settings were only to be used for flash photography. One result of the PL's automatic exposure was the removal of the depth of field scale from the focusing ring. It also featured an electronic self-timer, with a flashing LED above the camera's name. Another improvement on previous models in the Minox 35 range is the siting of the cable release socket to the side of the shutter release button, to prevent accidental triggering of the shutter.


  • Type 35mm compact camera
  • Size 100 mm x 61 mm x 31 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight 200 grams (with battery)
  • Image Format 24 x 36 mm (W x H)
  • Lens Minox Color-Minotar, 35 mm f/2.8, no filter thread (propriety filters simply push on).
  • Diaphragm Leaf diaphragm, continuously adjustable f/2.8 to f/16. 'A' setting on aperture ring for automatic exposure.
  • Focusing Manual scale focusing 3ft/0.9m - infinity.
  • Shutter Speeds 1/500 second, longest speed dependent on film ISO, e.g. 15 seconds with 25 ISO, 1 second with 400 ISO. Slow speed (less than 1/30th second) warning LED on top of camera. Backlight switch to double the exposure.
  • Viewfinder Direct finder with slow speed warning light.
  • Film Loading Manual, whole back slides off to load film.
  • Film Transport Manual dual stroke lever.
  • Flash Contact Hot Shoe automatic time switching to 1/90 second.
  • Tripod Socket 1/4 in.
  • Battery PX 27